Friday, November 8, 2013


привет / やあ / hello out there...

We are back from one of the most exciting and funniest tours ever. We had a blast touring both Russia and Japan for the first time! So many great new experiences, so many nice people, so many new friends, so much weird but good food.

We were kinda afraid at first of touring Russia. We heard some very good and some very bad stories from bands that we are friends with about touring there prior to the tour, so we really didn't know what to expect. We knew there were people waiting for us to play and we knew Bagi from the Cretin Boys, which was the Russian band we toured with, so we thought we're gonna be talking care of. And that was exactly what was happening! the Cretin Boys were not only a super nice and cool band to be on the road with, they were awesome hosts too! Thank you Bagi, Stas, Alex, Pasha and our driver Vlad for showing us around and all those funny moments! The 8 shows we played were all great... well, Pskov was kinda lame, but whatever. All the other shows were really fuckin' cool! Thanks for showing up Russian party people! пиздец!!!!

DeeCRACKS - Live in Moscow:

Right after touring Russia, we flew over to Tokyo from Moscow for 7 shows in Japan. The time in Japan was simply amazing! Japanese people are probably the nicest people on the planet and we had the best of them taking care of us as well. We played kick-ass shows with so many great bands and had our best of CD entitled 'DeeCRACKS MANIA' realesed on Dumb Records for the tour. Thank you Nasu, Chiba, Takuya, Rika, Eisuke and everyone else for the great times we were having! Japan is very beautiful, it's super clean, everybody is friendly, it's nothing like back home! Thanks to all the nice people coming to our shows and for buying our stuff. Unforgetable times!!


So we had some shows lined up in Europe this November, but we had to reschedule most of them. Manu always said he can't get time off work for this tour, so we wanted our US bassplayer Eric to play the tour. We were ripped apart in July after we got kicked out of the USA, so having him fly over is the only way to get to hang out now. This was a good plan until he broke his leg and ankle. He is forced to stay home and will be able to walk again come December. So he was no option anymore and we didn't know what to do.

Now, our former 2nd guitarplayer Marco, who has been mixing, mastering and now also recording with us since he left the band, will fill in on bass for the tour. A perfect fit, but he can't do the full tour. So we postponed most of the shows to 2014 and only play a mini-tour of 5 shows now!
Here are the dates: 
13 Nov @ Alte Mälzerei, Regensburg (DE)
14 Nov @
Zentralcafé K4, Nürnberg (DE)
Nov @ Freak Show Bar, Essen (DE)

16 Nov @ JH Staminee, Vorselaar (BE)
17 Nov @ Baracke, Münster (DE)

We also have some shows with our French friends Sons Of Buddha in December leading up to our record labels annual Monster Zero Mash. We will be finishing our latest recordings and get a new album ready for March 2014. We are also in the middle of booking shows for 2014, so if you wanna have us play your town contact us - - or our booking agency - Panther Booking !

Matt/Mike/Manu // DeeCRACKS

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